Thursday, 19 December 2013

Kingswood Primary School ready for 2014 with CareMonkey

Kingswood Primary School in Dingley Village are recognised as leaders in Information and Communications Technology. They are now leaders in health and safety too having implemented CareMonkey for their school of 480 students.

It's a beautiful school with lovely grounds and facilities. Picture are principal Rosemary Cosentino (left) and Sue McCarthy, Business Manager. Sue set up the system for the school in about an hour and is looking forward to the reduction in manual processing of health and safety details for the children. Teachers will have instant access to the emergency medical details for the students in their class using the free CareMonkey mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets.

As well as being principal of such a lovely school Rosemary is also the very proud mother of Cosentino, winner of Dancing with the Stars! What a talented family!

Kingswood Primary - Sue

Happy 21st CareMonkey!!!

Wow, what a start. In our first two months of demonstrating CareMonkey 21 schools in Victoria have implemented our CareMonkey health and safety system. We're blown away by the amazing feedback from the schools and parents who now have an easy way to keep important details about their children up to date.

Many thanks to these founding customers; a combination of independent, Catholic and public schools, primary, secondary and Prep to year 12 combined.

Merry Christmas to all of you, we look forward to serving you in 2014.

Take care, Troy and the CareMonkey team.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

St Joan of Arc School Brighton saving time with CareMonkey

According to Ellen Saccutelli, Office Manager at St Joan of Arc Catholic School in Brighton, "Setting up CareMonkey for our school was seamless. We are excited about the amount of time it will save the admin team and teachers by avoiding duplication and not having to send out repeat forms."

Ellen set up the system for the school herself by importing the students into CareMonkey from a spreadsheet exported from SAS. She also downloaded the free CareMonkey app for her Android smartphone (free iPhone, iPad and Android tablet versions also available). This provides instant access to emergency contacts and medical conditions for students even when there is no internet access. Perfect for excursions and camps!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

CareMonkey wins the $50,000 IT Invention Test !

IT Invention Test Winner Logo

CareMonkey has won the annual $50,000 IT Invention Test competition for 2013. Fifteen finalists competed for the title on Wednesday 27 November in Geelong with CareMonkey judged the overall winner. The presentation by CareMonkey CEO Troy Westley was awarded the prize by the expert judging panel. The judges, including Bob Beaumont (Commercialisation Australia) and Maurice Grasso (Melbourne Angels) have expertise in technology commercialisation and start-up technology investment.

Troy won a cash prize of $7,500, a 1-week Entrepreneurship Program to the University of California (Berkeley) valued at $9,000 and a 12 month mentoring program.

The annual event is sponsored by ICT Geelong, Commercialisation Australia, Deakin University and City of Greater Geelong. ICT Geelong have been overwhelmed by the interest in the competition by entrepreneurs, inventors, IT brainiacs and the community in general.

The award follows CareMonkey's recent win in the state iAwards for best and most innovative health app in Victoria.

Pictured below are CareMonkey founders Martin Howell CTO (left) and Troy Westley CEO (right).

For more information email Troy Westley, CEO on

Troy and Martin thumbs up

Monday, 25 November 2013

CareMonkey 'A most practical and brilliant idea!' says school principal

“I was most impressed by the hands on level of customer support in setting up this program. The accessibility and simplicity of this program makes it ideal for our school setting. A most practical and brilliant idea!”...Simon Collis, Principal, St Joseph's Primary School, Elsternwick, Victoria.

St Joseph's primary school is situated in the leafy suburb of Elsternwick in a beautiful historical building with a gorgeous national trust staircase and mantlepiece. A very unique school setting. Simon is pictured above accessing the student's CareMonkey profiles on his iPad. A picture of the entry to the school is below.

St Joseph's Elsternwick building

Friday, 22 November 2013

St Brendan's Primary School goes live with CareMonkey

Big smiles from Wendy and Cheryl at St Brendan's Primary School in Somerville, Victoria. They're up and running with CareMonkey for their school. Collection of medical forms for enrolments, camps and excursions has never been this easy!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Principal "really impressed" with CareMonkey

Creek Street Christian College in Bendigo are live with CareMonkey!

"I'm really impressed", says principal Coral Maxwell (pictured left), "CareMonkey was implemented at our school in under an hour and now we're already prepared with medical and emergency details for next year! That saves an enormous amount of administration time and follow up while also helping us keep the children safer".

Creek Street Christian College is located in the City of Greater Bendigo, in central Victoria. Jenni Caldwell (pictured right) is the CareMonkey administrator for the school. She'll now be able to avoid all the printing, distributing, collecting, sorting and filing of medical forms. CareMonkey does all that work automatically for the school.

Friday, 15 November 2013

CareMonkey a finalist in the 2013 IT Invention Test

Good news this morning...CareMonkey has been selected as a finalist for this year's $50,000 I.T. Invention Test. We'll be presenting the CareMonkey story to the judges on 27 November competing against 14 other Australian businesses who have invented something special. Wish us luck!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Mt Martha Life Saving Club are well prepared with CareMonkey

The very popular Nippers program starts again tonight on the beach at Mt Martha Life Saving Club. This year the club is using CareMonkey to collect and manage the medical and emergency details for almost 600 junior but future life guards!

Parents have completed the emergency details for their children online and this has provided the club with the information they need to help keep children safe while enjoying the wonderful experience of nippers and life saving.

Age Managers for each group can view the emergency details for the children they are responsible for on their smartphones, tablets and printed reports. They have instant access to the child's emergency contacts, allergies, asthma plans, medications and other medical conditions and care instructions from parents. It's an easy and secure way to be prepared for emergencies. Congratulations to Mt Martha Life Saving Club for taking safety so seriously and being so well organised!

Monday, 4 November 2013

St Patrick’s Catholic Parish Primary School safer with CareMonkey

Say hello to Di and Chris from St Patrick’s Catholic Parish Primary School in Mentone. The school is using CareMonkey to reduce the burden on parents and staff to continually process medical forms for the students for every excursion and camp.

With CareMonkey parents keep the details for their children up to date on the secure website and mobile apps, ensuring the school always has the latest medical and emergency information on hand. Teachers can view the care details for their class on the free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. With CareMonkey both parents and teachers have instant access to important details in an emergency.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Heatherton Christian College using CareMonkey for camps and excursions

"CareMonkey has made such a difference!" according to Heather, a school administrator and PA to the principal at Heatherton Christian College in Clarinda, Victoria, an independent Christian co-educational school offering classes for students from Prep to Year 12.

Heather enjoys using CareMonkey and how it automates collection of required information. "No more chasing parents for medical forms and emergency contact details" she remarks. When describing the productivity and accessibility improvements achieved with CareMonkey, Heather says "Teachers can access information no matter where they are. Parents are in complete control of what information is maintained. Once the child’s profile is complete, parents can just sit back – no more medical forms to fill in for camps and excursions. CareMonkey does the work for everyone. It eliminates paper waste; it is time efficient and it is secure and private. CareMonkey is a win–win for all!".

Friday, 25 October 2013

St Thomas More Primary School now using CareMonkey

Say hi to Danielle at St. Thomas More Primary School in Mt Eliza...they're using CareMonkey to automatically collect emergency medical details about the students from parents.

The system reduces administration overhead for the school and makes it easier for parents too.

Teachers can access the care profiles of the children in their class on mobile devices. This gives them instant access to the emergency medical form when required. It's a perfect solution for excursions and camps. See

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

CareMonkey goes mobile on smartphones and tablets!

Caremonkey iphone5 Zoe profileWe're excited to announce new versions of CareMonkey for mobile devices.

You can now download the CareMonkey app on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet. Just go to the App Store or Google Play and you can grab these apps for free.

Why use them?

You'll have instant access to your care profiles on your smartphone or tablet - whether you have internet connection or not. The apps store a secure local copy of your care profiles on the device - so whether you're out hiking in the bush, on an excursion, on the road, in the air or in outer space, CareMonkey is there to help!

With CareMonkey on your mobile device you have access to emergency and medical contacts, allergies, medications, asthma plans and other care instructions to help keep people safe. You'll know what to do and who to call in an emergency.
Take care!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

CareMonkey wins 2013 state iAward for best and most innovative healthsolution

Sometimes unexpected things happen. On Wednesday 5 June 2013 CareMonkey was presented with the state iAward for best and most innovative health solution. In the picture CareMonkey’s Troy Westley (right) is accepting the award from The Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips, MLC, Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Technology and Minister for the Aviation Industry, Victorian State Government.

CareMonkey (health winner)

I was thrilled that CareMonkey was acknowledged  in this way. It's great validation for us knowing that CareMonkey was selected. I'm very proud of what we have achieved so far and our development team headed by Martin Howell (CTO) are doing an outstanding job bringing our solution to market. Congratulations also go to CSIRO and UnityHealth Pty Ltd for their merit awards in the health category.

Over 19 years, the iAwards has become the premier technology awards platform in Australia delivering the most comprehensive awards program which recognises the achievements and innovation made in ICT across all facets of the economy.

Well, we've had a nice pat on the back, now it's back to work...

Take care...Troy

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Parents...Welcome to CareMonkey!

Hi and welcome to CareMonkey!

We’re here to help you make your family safer with our free mobile apps and website. You’re able to easily share care instructions and emergency information with people you trust to care for your loved ones; like other family members, close friends, teachers, baby sitters, sports coaches and other trusted carers.

As a parent I had often felt I’d done a poor job preparing other carers to look after my family. It’s embarrassing. I am guilty of not sharing asthma plans with grandparents, teachers, friends and so on. I’m guilty of forgetting to leave a list of emergency contacts or a list of allergies when one of our kids was having a sleepover. I couldn’t remember my own immunisations, let alone the immunisations of other family members.

Having an IT background, it seemed crazy to me that in the year 2012 we couldn’t easily share care information. We seemed to be able to share other types of information easily…we’re posting photo’s on Facebook and Google+, tweeting on twitter and connecting with business associates on LinkedIn. These social apps serve a purpose but they are not designed for securely sharing personal care information about your family.

That’s was CareMonkey does. It’s an app and website that allows you to electronically share care information about your family with people you trust. Enter it in one place and easily share to everyone that might need that information to help a loved one. Update it in one place and all carers have immediate access to the latest care and emergency information. Now it’s easy to be prepared.

CareMonkey is available here: Feel free to try it out.

Take care...Troy

CareMonkey at the National Asthma Conference 2013

In March this year we were fortunate to be invited to the National Asthma Conference in Canberra where I was one of the speakers. CareMonkey is a partner of Asthma Australia and we are working together to help people with asthma and their carers. Asthma Australia's own surveys have revealed that only 18% of people know how to help someone if they are having an asthma attack...and that's terrible! By using the CareMonkey app people with asthma can share everything a carer needs to know to help manage their asthma and avoid asthma attacks. This includes details about their symptoms, triggers and how to administer their medication.

CareMonkey allows users to share an electronic copy of their asthma action plan too. You can scan a copy of the asthma plan signed by the doctor and attach it to a person's CareMonkey profile. Now all carers can access the asthma plan whenever required. If you don't have an asthma action plan you should see your the meantime you could upload the Asthma First Aid poster approved by Asthma Australia. It will quickly show carers the 4 steps to helping someone having an asthma attack. You can download a copy of it from Asthma Australia's website here. Don't forget to upload this document into your CareMonkey profile, that way all your carers have access to it and know what to do...share it with family, friends, teachers, coaches and other people you trust to care for you and your family.

Take care...Troy

Make your asthma plan useful!

I was horrified when I accidently pulled our son's asthma plan out of the filing cabinet. I'd been looking for something else but by mistake I had this important document in my hands.

It contained information that could save his life and here it was in the filing cabinet, inaccessible to everyone. I felt ashamed. Why hadn't I made copies of this and given it to relatives, friends, teachers and coaches. They're the the ones who might need it one day.

Given Asthma Australia research shows that only 18% of people know how to help someone if they are having an asthma attack, it's stupid that I hadn't  shared this sooner. It's a risk I don't need to take. After all, it describes quite clearly his symptoms and how to manage an asthma episode, including step by step instructions.

Perhaps your asthma plan, or the asthma plan of someone you love is buried in a filing cabinet somewhere too. Here's what you can do:

1. Sign up for a free CareMonkey account here:

2. Create a care profile for the person with asthma (it's easy!)

3. Scan their asthma plan and attach it to the care profile

4. Share the care profile with people you trust so they can view it on their smartphone, tablet or computer

Now they'll know what to do in the case of an asthma attack...makes sense doesn't it? Now your asthma plan is useful and you or loved one is safer.

Take care,