Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CareMonkey at the National Asthma Conference 2013

In March this year we were fortunate to be invited to the National Asthma Conference in Canberra where I was one of the speakers. CareMonkey is a partner of Asthma Australia and we are working together to help people with asthma and their carers. Asthma Australia's own surveys have revealed that only 18% of people know how to help someone if they are having an asthma attack...and that's terrible! By using the CareMonkey app people with asthma can share everything a carer needs to know to help manage their asthma and avoid asthma attacks. This includes details about their symptoms, triggers and how to administer their medication.

CareMonkey allows users to share an electronic copy of their asthma action plan too. You can scan a copy of the asthma plan signed by the doctor and attach it to a person's CareMonkey profile. Now all carers can access the asthma plan whenever required. If you don't have an asthma action plan you should see your doctor...in the meantime you could upload the Asthma First Aid poster approved by Asthma Australia. It will quickly show carers the 4 steps to helping someone having an asthma attack. You can download a copy of it from Asthma Australia's website here. Don't forget to upload this document into your CareMonkey profile, that way all your carers have access to it and know what to do...share it with family, friends, teachers, coaches and other people you trust to care for you and your family.

Take care...Troy

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