Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Parents...Welcome to CareMonkey!

Hi and welcome to CareMonkey!

We’re here to help you make your family safer with our free mobile apps and website. You’re able to easily share care instructions and emergency information with people you trust to care for your loved ones; like other family members, close friends, teachers, baby sitters, sports coaches and other trusted carers.

As a parent I had often felt I’d done a poor job preparing other carers to look after my family. It’s embarrassing. I am guilty of not sharing asthma plans with grandparents, teachers, friends and so on. I’m guilty of forgetting to leave a list of emergency contacts or a list of allergies when one of our kids was having a sleepover. I couldn’t remember my own immunisations, let alone the immunisations of other family members.

Having an IT background, it seemed crazy to me that in the year 2012 we couldn’t easily share care information. We seemed to be able to share other types of information easily…we’re posting photo’s on Facebook and Google+, tweeting on twitter and connecting with business associates on LinkedIn. These social apps serve a purpose but they are not designed for securely sharing personal care information about your family.

That’s was CareMonkey does. It’s an app and website that allows you to electronically share care information about your family with people you trust. Enter it in one place and easily share to everyone that might need that information to help a loved one. Update it in one place and all carers have immediate access to the latest care and emergency information. Now it’s easy to be prepared.

CareMonkey is available here: www.caremonkey.com. Feel free to try it out.

Take care...Troy


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