Friday, 19 September 2014

School Administrator Survey Results

Thanks to many of our school administrators who recently provided feedback via a survey asking them what they think about our system, and where it can be improved.

Overwhelmingly our school administrators are enjoying the time saving and benefits that CareMonkey provides.  

What school administrators are saying...
"I like how the responsibility falls back on the parents to keep their contact details up to date as well as any medical issues for their children"

"The saving of that very important commodity...TIME!"

"I like that is is very quick to organise an excursion"

"I like the fact that MOST parents will now reply with permission quickly and paper free...better than permission slips of the past"
There is also room for improvement, so we are working closely with our school customers to make incremental enhancements to our system, with the ultimate goal of making administrators lives easier.

To organise a demonstration for your school or club or to simply find out more contact us today.

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