Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Customer Profile: Creek Street Christian College, Bendigo

Creek Street Christian College
Bendigo, Victoria
CareMonkey customer since November 2013

Coral Maxwell, Principal (pictured left), kindly gave us her insight into how CareMonkey is working for them 12 months on....

"For our Athletics day, all staff had the app on their mobile device.  Staff were able to use it not only should an emergency occur, but also to contact parents who may be late picking up their children"  

Modules used:
  • Emergency contacts and student care profiles
  • Communications and notifications tools
Who are the main team members who look after the system?

Our school administrator, Jenni (pictured right) looks after the system

How are you using CareMonkey alongside your school administration system?

We are using SAS as our school admin system and using CareMonkey for our medical information and management of that data

What do you and your team like the most about CareMonkey?

We are enjoying the ease of use and no more paper updates all the time

We also love the fact that the responsibility sits with the parents to ensure that all information is up to date

How has it been received by the teaching staff?  

Staff have said that it is great because CareMonkey is so easy to use

Thanks to Coral, Jenni and the team at Creek Street Christian College for your ongoing support of CareMonkey. 

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