Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Customer Profile: Firbank Grammar


Firbank Grammar School
Brighton, Victoria (ELC to Yr 12)
CareMonkey customer since March 2014

Modules Used:
  • Emergency contacts and student care profiles
  • Email communications tool
  • Online permission forms
  • Excursions & camps system

Since signing up with CareMonkey, Firbank has been a great supporter and advocate of the platform.  We have enjoyed working closely with the team to improve and evolve our system.  

"The time the system saves us in checking permissions for a camp or excursion is fantastic"  

Michelle Lewis, Enrolments Officer and Fiona Tait, Health Centre Manager share their experience.

Who are the main team members who look after system?
  • Enrolments Officer
  • Health Centre Manager
  • VASS Administrator and Assistant to Director of Curriculum
  • Head of Outdoor Education
  • Senior School Office-Assistant to DP Head of Senior School
  • Both Junior Schools complete their own requests for camps, excursions
  • The PE Department look after sporting teams

What do you and your team like the most about the system?

  • We like giving parents the responsibility to keep information updated. It means they can update the data at anytime
  • Setting up an activity/event and adding students is easy
  • The time the system saves us in checking permissions for a camp or excursion is fantastic

How did you use CareMonkey for your recent trip to Thailand?

  • We were able to email parents via the Thailand Request Group with information about the trip
  • We could then see all medical conditions via reports for the children who attended
  • All ‘carers’ were loaded into the system so we all could access the reports for medical conditions and food issues
  • It was fantastic when we were away to log on and check student information when a student was unwell

Do your teachers use the App when on excursions?

  • Yes.  Before each excursion, the Health Centre briefs the teachers on the students attending who may have medical conditions. The Health Centre also ensures the teacher has downloaded the latest data from CareMonkey onto their phone or iPad. Like anything, this new process has taken some time to adapt to, but it is now managed well

How has it been received by the parent group?

  • Really well. There were a few parents who struggled in the beginning, so we invited them in to sit with us while they completed the profile
  • Parents now know they need to fully disclose medical conditions such as allergies and Anaphylaxis to ensure the system is effective

Any other comments?  

  • Essentially, it's a great system to use 
  • The support from the CareMonkey team has been fantastic. When we have experienced problems the team has been easy to contact and assist with our concerns
  • When we have ideas to share, they have been willing to assist

Thanks to the Firbank team.  We love working with everyone at Firbank and appreciate your constant support as we continue to evolve the CareMonkey system.

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