Monday, 24 November 2014

St Thomas Primary School uses CareMonkey when managing student emergency on camp

St Thomas Primary School Sale  
Started using CareMonkey: April 2014
Deputy Principal, Webley Hirt gave us his account of how CareMonkey is solving practical challenges for their school.
"The teachers in charge said having the ability to access profiles and call parents from their smartphones was brilliant....This would not be possible with the old paper system"
 "We recently used the sms function to inform parents of a bus returning from camp being late" 

"Parents appreciate that the school is taking safety seriously by investing in a ‘third party’ program"  

How are you using CareMonkey?

We use CareMonkey to document all of our emergency information, this includes asthma/anaphylaxis management plans. The teachers love the fact they can open a child’s profile and look at an emergency management plan in pdf form.

We use the email function to prompt parents to update profiles or add elements such as management plans.  

How did CareMonkey help on your recent school camp? 

We had two camps running in different locations.  One child was injured and had to leave his camp group to be airlifted to hospital in Canberra. Fortunately the second camp group was in Canberra which meant there were teachers to look after him.  

As all teachers at St Thomas Primary can access a child's care profile via their smartphone, the Canberra teachers were able to access his profile, talk to his parents and provide updates. 
This would not have been possible with the old paper system, as only the teachers in charge of his original group would have had his details.

Overall, the teachers in charge of both camps said having the ability to access profiles and call parents from their smartphones was brilliant. 

This was particularly so when breaking into groups. In the past if splitting into groups, teachers would have to divide up the paper permission forms so that at any one time each teacher had emergency contact info for each child in their care. With CareMonkey this was overcome because each teacher had convenient access to details for every child. 

How are you introducing it to your 2015 prep families?

When we meet with the 2015 prep families I will be explaining the importance of filling out profiles for their children, with luck this will ensure that all of our new students have a profile made from the outset. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nunawading Swimming Club, giving coaches and parents peace of mind

Nunawading Swimming Club
Started using CareMonkey: June 2014
Modules used: Emergency Contacts and Medical details

Kirsty Veliades, Nunawading's Squad and Club Coordinator talked to us about why CareMonkey works for them.  
"It made sense to give the coaches immediate up to date medical and contact information for their athletes without having to print and carry private information"
Why did you start using CareMonkey?  

Our CEO’s son's football club uses CareMonkey and suggested that it would be an easier option than paper medical forms for the amount of trips we do each year.

With the club also training at various locations every day and with the majority of parents not staying to watch, it made sense to give the coaches immediate up to date medical and contact information for their athletes without having to print and carry private information.

What do the club administrators like most about the system?  

Administrators love that it is easy to use and change as needed. We have kids constantly changing groups and different trips going away with different carers and it’s quick and easy for us to add/delete people and give or take away access.

Who are the main users of the system at your club? 

Each swimming member is required to have an up to date CareMonkey profile so the relevant coaches/staff can access their information as needed.

Coaches and 2 admin staff have day to day access for their own groups.  Team managers and coaches have access to selected swimmers for the duration of trips and camps they are on.

How did you get members to activate their profile? 

It is a requirement for all club swimming members to have an active CareMonkey profile. 
We used the CareMonkey system to send each swimmer in the squad system an email invitation to sign up, along with information on why we were implementing the system and how it would be used.
Each month we check the CareMonkey system to resend requests as needed and to add any new members.
The coaches also pass information onto swimmers requesting they sign up.  

How have the swimming coaches received the system?  Are they using the CareMonkey App? 

Coaches have all been positive about the system as it gives them much greater security if something happens at training and they need to contact parents quickly. It also means they are aware of any medical information that had not been passed on previously.
All coaches have been asked to download the CareMonkey app onto their phones.
"The CareMonkey system has been great and really easy to learn."


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