Monday, 22 December 2014

Ambulance officers praise CareMonkey during student emergency

Customer: St Finbars Primary School, Brighton
Using CareMonkey since: October 2013
When a Year 6 student from St Finbars Primary School, Victoria, was knocked unconscious on a school excursion, instant access to emergency details via CareMonkey ensured staff at the scene could provide the correct information to ambulance and hospital staff.  

"The CareMonkey App made the whole situation much less stressful as school staff could answer questions quickly and informatively, something that our old paper based system would never have been able to do"

Yvette Porter, School Administrator gave us her account of the student emergency and the role CareMonkey played.  

Yvette Porter, Administrator
When on excursion to the Icehouse, Lachlan Jackett-Simpson, grade 6 student, slipped and hit his head on the ice and was knocked unconscious. An ambulance was called to respond to the incident and when ambulance paramedics asked for his medical details, the teacher produced the CareMonkey App on her phone.

Ambulance personnel were thrilled and very impressed with CareMonkey. The ease of having all parent contact details, allergies, medical details, etc. made it so much easier for them to administer the correct care. When the student was transferred to the Royal Children's Hospital, nurses were equally impressed.

Karlie Jackett-Simpson, Lachlan's mother, kindly shared her thoughts on CareMonkey when Lachlan was knocked unconscious.   

(Karlie and Lachlan)
"Because the teacher had my phone number in the CareMonkey App on her smartphone, she was talking to me seconds after the incident occurred. As shattering and frightening as it was, it meant I was part of what was unfolding and knew what they were doing with my son. 
Because all our medical information was up to date, it also meant that by the time I got to hospital I could focus on Lachlan rather than getting stressed about insurance questions and medical details etc.”

Karlie, Yvette and the team at St Finbars, thank you so much for contacting us with this story.   

We are very pleased to hear that Lachlan recovered well and that CareMonkey could assist with this emergency and continues to make your lives easier.  

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Monday, 1 December 2014

St Joan of Arc School: Enjoying much higher parent response rates with CareMonkey

St Joan of Arc School, Brighton
CareMonkey customer since November 2013
Recently renewed for the 2nd year

Modules used:
  • Emergency and medical details
  • Excursions and permissions forms
  • Email and sms notification system

Ellen Saccutelli, St Joan of Arc's Office Manager, gave us her view on CareMonkey
"For our recent whole school swimming carnival we had 100% of families respond to the CareMonkey notification telling us if their child could attend.... Previously using paper forms we would have had 60-70% response rate from parents"
What is the greatest advantage for your school in using CareMonkey?

Since using CareMonkey the greatest advantage has been the time we have saved by not having to go through the process of photocopying, getting the note to classes, sending it home via the children, and then hoping to get responses! 
Now, we simply send them a CareMonkey notification.
Previously, using paper forms we would have had 60-70% response rate from parents. Now we have at least a 95% response rate.
For our recent whole school swimming carnival we had 100% of families respond to the CareMonkey notification telling us if their child was able to attend. It was fantastic!

No paper

Our Principal is a great advocate for “no paper”, as such, he is ensuring CareMonkey is used to its full capability and encourages staff to use the system wherever possible. Teachers will now bring event or task requests to Administration so we can load them onto CareMonkey. Teachers also love that they can access student details when on excursions.

Getting ready for 2015

Prep families

For our 2015 prep families we have their letters asking them to sign up to CareMonkey ready to go! It is part of our school now so the sooner we get everyone on board the better!

Class Rep lists using CareMonkey data

Because CareMonkey has the most up to date parent contact information in it, we will also use it in 2015 to give Class Representatives their parent list which will include: child name, parent name, email and phone. It will make this process very easy. 

The CareMonkey team is very grateful to St Joan of Arc for their ongoing support of our system. The feedback they and other customers provide, allows us to tweak and constantly improve the CareMonkey system to ensure it is an excellent tool in solving practical challenges within schools or any organisation with a duty of care.