Friday, 28 August 2015

Highly commended for Innovation at 2015 ANZIA awards

CareMonkey has been Highly Commended for Innovation at the Australian & New Zealand Internet Awards.

We would like to thank our dedicated team and all our customers. You are the true visionaries of CareMonkey - every step of the way, your feedback and support helps us to develop a better service.

Congratulations to the team at Start Some Good!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Testimonial from Mt Eliza Pre-School

 CareMonkey online emergency messaging service

Mt Eliza Pre-School has a long history of providing high quality, community based, early-childhood education. At Mt Eliza Pre-School we have created an environment that nurtures and values our children and brings families and the community together.

Our Pre-School has been rated as ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ across all seven quality areas under the National Quality Framework (NQF). The NQF sets a national benchmark for the quality of children’s education and care services across Australia. 

Mt Eliza Pre-School is proud to be the first Pre-School/Kindergarten in Victoria to acquire the CareMonkey service for our pre-school community. We initially sought the assistance of CareMonkey to help us efficiently notify parents/guardians in the event of an emergency evacuation. In addition, we felt that being able to easily maintain up-to-date medical and emergency contact details for the children in our care would also be a wonderful asset.

Within weeks of using the service, we quickly realised the benefits that CareMonkey offers in many pre-school administration tasks. We have gradually started using CareMonkey to deliver forms such as excursion permission slips and notification of changes to staff and committee etc.

As the Mt Eliza Pre-School is managed entirely by a Committee made up of volunteer parents, anything that can make administration and emergency management planning easier is truly valuable.

The website is easy to navigate and the support we have received from CareMonkey administrators has always been prompt and helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend this service to all pre-schools.

Mt Eliza Pre-School Committee of Management - August 2015

Monday, 17 August 2015

Managing care plans made easy

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the biggest social policy change for families with special needs in 30 years. The key change to the sector will be the move to an open market as the government shifts from block-funding disability services to an individual fee-­for-­service arrangement.

With these changes to the NDIS, the onus is now on families and service providers to be even better at managing care plans. For some families, this could mean up to 30 different plans that need to be shared with multiple care providers. Managing this information is time consuming and stressful, not to mention that paper forms can easily go missing or be forgotten.

CareMonkey has partnered with Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA), Victorian Chapter, to assist service organisations and families to manage this policy change as efficiently as possible.
"CareMonkey has worked closely with ECIA VC to make the management of care information easier for service organisations, carers and families. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ECIA VC and to providing families of people with a disability a secure and convenient way to manage health plans." Troy Westley, CEO, CareMonkey
CareMonkey is already helping the management at Mpower, an accredited community-based agency that has been serving the south west region of Victoria since 1975. With funding from the Victorian government, Mpower employs 64 highly qualified and experienced staff to provide a wide range of support services to a client base in excess of 800 people. 
"CareMonkey assists Mpower to ensure we have the most up to date medical information available should an emergency arise. Once active, CareMonkey reminders prompt parents to check info and update as necessary, in their own time and at their convenience." - Diane McFadden, Mpower Business Manager.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Beyond the classroom, CareMonkey takes care of excursions

It’s been a year since Esperance Anglican Community School (EACS) adopted CareMonkey, and it’s great to hear from Michelle Fissioli, School Administrator, that “it’s definitely worth having!”

EACS is utilising all of the great features offered by CareMonkey: Emergency and medical care profiles, eForms, as well as email and SMS messaging to groups - the latter which has been one of the reasons the school was especially grateful that they have switched to using CareMonkey. “When an event has been changed a text message to parents was sent to clarify this,” states Michelle.

The WA school has a strong focus on enhancing their students’ learning “beyond the classroom.” The Outdoor Education and Excursion Program is one of the great programs offered at EACS, and it is good to know that CareMonkey accompanies the students and teachers as they partake in exciting camp experiences. The teachers who take kids on camps are some of their main users, but since CareMonkey's eForms can be used for any event, it is part of the school's strategy that all teachers will be using CareMonkey at some stage in the near future.

Reducing paperwork has been one of the greatest benefits from adopting CareMonkey. They are now “able to easily communicate to parents about upcoming events and camps.” According to Michelle, CareMonkey is “a great program for communication, as paper based notes doesn’t always make their way home to parents.”

Friday, 24 July 2015

Streamlining HR for Team Holiday

CareMonkey selected for HR requirements at Team Holiday

Team Holiday is a holiday program provider of full-day activities for over 35,000 children in Australia. The company has selected CareMonkey to streamline their HR processes, saving their administrators and staff time during their employee onboarding procedure.

Sam Hoath, Founder, Team Holiday
Sam Hoath, Founder, explains; "The information we collect and store on CareMonkey forms their staff record, which helps us remain compliant within our industry as per regulation. Emergency contacts, qualifications, personal information and other relevant information about all staff can be collected and available via the app anytime, anywhere."

Tim Arnold, HR & Business Development Manager, says "the automation will not only save time, but will ensure all staff records are up to date." 

CareMonkey eForms will be used to capture employee details including referees, licenses, bank details, tax file numbers, Working With Children Checks and HECS debt information. 

The automatic reminders will also inform the HR team of expiry dates - this will ensure that all staff working with children on holiday camps are compliant with industry regulations.

Visit Team Holiday's website here:

Customer Stories - Mount St Joseph Girls' College

Mount St Joseph Girls' College - Customer Stories

We recently spoke to Catherine Dillon, Principal of Mount St Joseph Girls' College in Altona, Victoria.

We were very glad to hear that CareMonkey has had a positive impact on the school community.

Catherine comments:

"CareMonkey has been life changing, and I’m not exaggerating when I say life changing! It has taken out all the anxiety of chasing up forms from parents. As a drama teacher, my class goes on numerous excursions. In the past, it drove me crazy to get responses from parents. With CareMonkey, it’s so easy!

On one occasion, I forgot to tell parents in advance that the kids are going on a trip the coming Monday. I sent out the request on a Sunday and parents could easily respond and we were all set and ready to go for the trip!"

Thursday, 23 July 2015

CareMonkey implemented during Touch Football Australia Youth Tasman Series

Touch Football Australia Youth Team, prepared on and off the field at the Youth Trans Tasman Series

Over three successful days in January, 80 of Australia’s best Youth Touch Football players defeated New Zealand in the U18s and U20s divisions at the 2015 Youth Trans Tasman Series.  

Behind the scenes, Tara Steel, Sport Resource Manager, used CareMonkey to seamlessly manage participant data, emergency and medical details, consent and travel information.   She was thrilled with the performance of the system and found it easy to use.  

“The automatic collection of information, made it so easy and the in-built reminder emails did the chasing for me – it saved me so much time.” Tara commented.  

"The ability to then share the team participant data with coaches and team officials was incredibly well received. The coaches absolutely loved the ease and practical application of the system, knowing they were prepared and had all their participants’ information on their smartphones if they needed it. Fortunately we had no injuries, but felt better knowing any risk was covered. Overall I thought the system was outstanding.”

Changing the face of contact sport

Since April 2015, the NRL has worked hard on reforming their injury policies, implementing stricter rules to ensure players' safety.

As part of this focus on player welfare, CareMonkey was engaged by the NRL to develop a mobile injury reporting system. CareMonkey’s mobile injury reporting module allows trainers and officials to log injury reports instantly via a smartphone app, making it easy to build and maintain an electronic injury profile for players and providing instant visibility on all injuries across clubs, associations and the game at large.

Our CEO, Troy Westley, recently met with Glen Bertoli, Head Trainer at Waverley Oakleigh Panthers. Glen has been one of the Mobile Injury Reporting module's early adopters, and continues to provide the CareMonkey development team with useful feedback on how to make the app more user-friendly.

There are currently 308 players registered at the club. Since implementing the CareMonkey system, managing 14 teams and 10 trainers has become much easier and safer.

Glen Bertoli, Head Trainer
at Waverley Oakleigh Panthers
"We have a number of players at our club with medical conditions, some more serious than others. Our coaches are now able to access their players' up-to-date medical and emergency contact profiles via the CareMonkey system. It's a huge boost to our risk management strategy and provides peace of mind to parents and club admins alike."

Since the start of the season, Glen has reported 28 injuries on his mobile. "It now takes me minutes to complete an injury report. It has been useful to be able to log injuries at the end of each game."

Glen is also assisting the other trainers to get on board using the mobile app. "Migrating from our old paper injury forms to CareMonkey's mobile injury reporting system has reduced our paperwork. It is helping us to build a meaningful injury database across players and the club as a whole."

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Basketball Victoria Country to use CareMonkey at U12 Skills Day

Basketball Victoria Country has teamed up with CareMonkey to ensure that all their coaches, officials and participants can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive Health and Safety System.

The CareMonkey will assist Basketball Victoria Country to automate the collection of information, allowing clubs to easily follow up and remind members, so administrators will no longer have to do it manually. The system trial commenced by utilising CareMonkey for all staff, as it provides a comprehensive Health & Safety System for business operations.

Basketball Victoria Country's manager, David Huxtable:
“CareMonkey is a significant development in managing workplace Health and Safety and gives me the confidence to know that the Health and Medical information of staff is at hand in case of an emergency.” 

Following this successful introduction, CareMonkey will now be trailed across the Under 12 Skills Days and will replace the old paper Indemnity Forms for approximately 1000 participants.

“Keeping up to date, relevant medical information should be simple. Parents retain control of the data and can update it at anytime. This system ensures your medical and safety information is up to date and reduces or eliminates administration overhead for Team Staff and parents.” David continued. 

The implementation of CareMonkey fits into Basketball Victoria Country’s strategy to reduce paperwork, time and overheads, whilst supporting participants and volunteers with the most up to date and accurate information available.

CareMonkey has gained immense traction in the Education sector in Victoria, and this has provided the management team at Basketball Victoria Country with many examples of the system's effectiveness.
“It will not be a surprise to many of our participants who actually already use the CareMonkey system for their children at schools.” David said. 

Basketball Victoria Country has worked in close partnership with Basketball Victoria CEO, Nick Honey, to enable CareMonkey to become a state wide resource for all Associations in late 2015 and into 2016. 

“Following the U12 Skills Day trail, Basketball Victoria Country will release further information and it is expected that a roll out to associations will occur.” David was quoted as saying.

Basketball Victoria CEO, Nick Honey, with Troy Westley, CareMonkey CEO, and David Huxtable, Manager of Basketball Victoria Country.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Innovation Finalist for 2015 ANZIA Awards

We are thrilled to announce that CareMonkey is shortlisted as a finalist for the Australian & New Zealand Internet Awards under the category Innovation.

They will announce the winners in Auckland on 27 August 2015.

CareMonkey and Victorian Seals Elite Water Polo Club join forces

Melbourne based National Water Polo League club, the Victorian Seals, is deploying CareMonkey to assist with the management of players in both the men’s and women’s squads, as well as coaching, team management and volunteer staff.

The National Water Polo League is Australia's premier domestic water polo competition that provides important competition opportunities for national squad members, as well as the next generation of Australian water polo talent. In 2014, the Victorian Seals were awarded the Club of the Year Award by Water Polo Australia, after an outstanding first season in the competition.

CareMonkey is an award winning risk management system that has recently been adopted by various sporting organisations and businesses across Australia.

CareMonkey automatically collects emergency and medical information from members, and makes that data instantly available through a secure platform on mobile devices. CareMonkey also provides mobile injury reporting, which allows trainers and club officials to log injuries on their mobile devices and instantly update a club’s injury database.

Victorian Seals club President Steve Blunt, commented: "CareMonkey gives us an incredible ability to have important medical information instantly available on a mobile device as and when it is required. Last season one of our players sustained a significant injury during an away game, which highlighted just how important it is to be ready for an emergency at any time. Obviously the security of the information was a critical part of our requirements, and CareMonkey meets those with ease.”

Troy Westley, CareMonkey’s CEO, is very excited that sporting clubs like the Victorian Seals can enjoy the benefit of peace of mind. “Having up to date medical and emergency information accessible is very important, and allows first responders to know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency.”

Friday, 22 May 2015

"100% uptake!" by St Joseph's School Quarry Hill

St Joseph's School Quarry Hill in Bendigo, VIC, are enjoying a 100% CareMonkey uptake in their school community.

The Principal, Nic McTaggart, says: "CareMonkey reduces paperwork and makes the tracking of children's needs very easy."

The new mobile app makes the process even more efficient: "Parents can give permission easily from anywhere and teachers can access children's data online. Teachers enjoy having access to children's information, anywhere, anytime."

Download the CareMonkey app to easily share your child's emergency and medical information with neighbouring sports clubs, after school care, gym, or even grandparents. It's easy, just search "CareMonkey" on the App Store or Google Play.

School Principal, Nic McTaggart

CareMonkey to the rescue

Creek Street Christian College uses CareMonkey during emergencies and at events

We recently paid a visit to Creek Street Christian College, Bendigo, and were happy to learn that they are enjoying all the features of the CareMonkey system. Every child in the school has a care profile and teachers have adopted the CareMonkey system in full.

"All the teachers have CareMonkey and love how it works on their mobile phones. It's not only used for emergencies, but even for school events. If parents aren't there to collect the children on time we use CareMonkey to contact them," says the School Principal, Coral Maxwell.

Having up to date information accessible on staff's mobile phones has become very handy in several emergency situations, both for the school and first responders. Coral recalls: "In one incident we were unable to contact the parents and triage staff at the hospital were very impressed with the very useful information we were able to provide them."

Jenni Caldwell, School Administrator, says that she finally has peace of mind knowing that all the school's pupils' emergency contact details are up to date: "CareMonkey is the best thing! It used to worry me that we didn't have up to date medical and emergency information, but now CareMonkey puts the responsibility on the parents to update the information and automatically chases them up to do it."
Creek Street Christian College's Principal, Coral Maxwell and Jenni Caldwell, School Administrator

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

CareMonkey on The Rust Report

CareMonkey's CEO, Troy Westley was interviewed for the Rust Report by the IT industry legend, Len Rust, at CeBIT Australia

CeBIT Australia is Australia's largest business and technology exhibition, hosted by Hannover Fairs.

Our team was showing visitors how easy it is to use the new CareMonkey app. Rust covered topics such as our latest achievements, our biggest challenges and what we have in store for the future.

Watch the interview here.

CareMonkey on eHealth Radio Network

Our CEO, Troy Westley, recently shared his thoughts with radio host, Eric Michaels, on how CareMonkey helps paramedics save time and reduce medical errors. 

Patients are often not the best medical historians, especially during a stressful emergency. Paramedics can reduce medical errors during critical moments by getting the right information at exactly the right time with CareMonkey.

Listen to the interview here.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

CareMonkey to attend Slush Summit EU

Yesterday, CareMonkey won the pitching competition at the Slush Down Under Summit, part of the CONNECT 2015 Trade Expo. Our CEO and Founder, Troy Westley, will go to Finland in November to participate in the Slush event in Europe.
We are very excited about this achievement and appreciate the great support we receive from our partners and customers.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Basketball Victoria scores with CareMonkey

Basketball Victoria is now implementing CareMonkey to reduce the amount of paperwork they need to process and help their coaches and trainers focus on the game rather than collecting forms. Using CareMonkey's electronic forms to readily communicate with players (or their parents), Basketball Victoria can now electronically collect consent for competitions, camps or any other activity. Authorised personnel have secure access to the information using their mobile phones or tablets. Getting responses regarding medical information, media consent and other permission forms via the CareMonkey app will be so much quicker!

Displaying Copy of Basketball Vic-2.JPG
Basketball Victoria's CEO, Nick Honey, Troy Westley, CareMonkey's CEO and David Huxtable, Basketball Victoria's Country Manager

ICS Skills sets up CareMonkey for St Raphaela's Secondary School in Dublin

St Raphaela's Secondary School, Dublin, was our first international customer! They went live in August 2014. The system has helped them reduce administration overhead for both staff and parents and has been used for international camps.

This school was introduced to CareMonkey by our reseller partner, ICS Skills, who are part of the Irish Computer Society.

ICS Skills is a leading provider of training programs for employers and educators in Ireland. They are also responsible for providing CareMonkey's data protection services in the UK, ensuring that we are fully compliant with European privacy policies.

Our CEO, Troy Westley, with Eileen O'Donnel, Principal of St Raphaela's
Secondary School (left) and Claudia Delaney, ICS Skills' Business Development Executive (right)

If you would like to learn more about how you can partner with us, contact us today.

To see how CareMonkey can help your school, club or business in Ireland contact ICS Skills on 01 237 7796 or email

Friday, 27 March 2015

NRL selects CareMonkey for mobile injury reporting

Australia's NRL (National Rugby League) has selected CareMonkey to deliver mobile injury reporting for all Victorian junior clubs for the 2015 season. 

CareMonkey has worked closely with the NRL and FOX SPORTS PULSE to design and deliver a mobile injury reporting solution that enables sports trainers to add injury reports on smartphones and tablets while at the scene of an injury. The injury reports replace paper forms and include the ability to attach photographs.
CareMonkey Injury Reporting

CareMonkey injury data is instantly available to NRL administrators to view and report on, saving official's, volunteers and administrator time as well as providing a sport-wide online injury database.

"The National Rugby League Sports Trainer Scheme is committed to providing volunteer rugby league Sports Trainers with the most up-to-date information and practical solutions to caring for rugby league players at every level of the sport" says Geoff Todd, NRL Sports Trainer Education Coordinator. 

"CareMonkey is a cost-effective, practical solution to enable community based sporting clubs with ‘pre-participation’ medical information that will allow volunteer Sports Trainers and First Aid Officers the ability to prepare for a player’s known medical conditions prior to training or games".

"When we raised the subject of ‘injury reporting’, the CareMonkey team went straight to work and were able to customise our existing reporting system and integrate it into the players CareMonkey care profile, consequently building the player's history of injury and at the same time alerting parents and caregivers with specific information to assist with the player's care." 

Geoff Todd 
NRL Sports Trainer Education Coordinator
CareMonkey is excited to support the NRL as it implements the system as part of their commitment to adequately prepare its staff and deliver on its participant duty of care. 

The CareMonkey injury reporting solution is demonstrated in the video above. For more more information please visit

Monday, 16 March 2015

Waterpolo Australia: roll out CareMonkey for elite teams

Waterpolo Australia looks after the development and education of water polo players, officials, coaches and volunteers throughout Australia across all levels of participation.

Chris Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Waterpolo Australia commented on the recent implementation of CareMonkey for their elite teams. 

Chris Harrison, CEO

"CareMonkey is going to provide an easy to use database and communication tool that integrates perfectly with our existing national database.  It will assist our team managers in communicating and keeping confidential medical records on all portable devices with the added benefit of being able to use it and access data offline” 

The team at CareMonkey is thrilled to see Waterpolo Australia adopt the CareMonkey services and look forward to seeing them enjoy the value of the system.  

If you want to find out about CareMonkey for your club, school or business please contact us here today.  

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

"All parents do is click and sign their consent....managing excursions is now so easy"

David Young, Director of IT Services at Strathcona gave us his view of CareMonkey and how it is working at his school.  

Along with a core group of people on the School Executive, David Young has been instrumental in introducing CareMonkey to the Strathcona school community.

“When we first saw CareMonkey at EduTECH we were extremely impressed and started to investigate its application further for our school. Given how much time the school would spend chasing parents for medical and emergency information, photocopying, handing out and collating forms, it was an easy decision to make the switch. So, with the support of a new school Principal we started actively using it in 2015.”

Today, Strathcona has almost 100% of students with up-to-date Care Profiles, and actively uses the eForm capability with more than 50 excursions loaded onto the system.

Every day Mr Young hears from parents and staff how easy CareMonkey is to use and how much time it is saving. The ability for teachers to access children's profiles while off site is extremely valuable and much more reliable than the paper based systems.

“The eForm capability has made gathering information from parents and managing excursions so easy. All the parent has to do is click and sign their consent and the job's done!”

Getting behind the new system

“When we commit to something at Strathcona we get right behind it. So when all Year 8 students went on an excursion to Hanging Rock at the start of the year it was no surprise to everyone that we transitioned completely to CareMonkey. Whilst teaching staff were initially nervous about the change and whether it would work so simply, they got on board when they saw the benefits of being able to reference a child's emergency and medical information on a smartphone or tablet while off site, even without an internet connection.”

“We talk with our teaching staff daily and are learning how the system is working for us. I guess you could say we are early adopters, but we are seeing the benefits and know the entire school community, teachers and parents are thrilled we have made the change.”

Thanks David, you are a great supporter and advocate of our system and we appreciate your constructive feedback along the way.  

If you are interested in CareMonkey for your school, club or business please enquire here today

Thursday, 5 February 2015

CareMonkey: Proud to sponsor the Victorian Open Swimming Championships

In January 2015, thousands of swimmers and spectators from more than 90 swimming clubs across Victoria, interstate and overseas competed at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre over the three day event.

As a sponsor, it was a great experience for our team, to be part of an event that not only fosters young, up and coming talent, but is also the stage for some of Australia's greatest swimmers. 

From CareMonkey's perspective it was also extremely rewarding to receive great feedback from parents and coaches who use the system and hear first hand how they are saving time and feeling better about the improvements their club has made to managing duty of care for its member.  

To learn more about CareMonkey and how the system is helping organisations manage risk, watch the interview below by clicking on the image.

Or, contact us directly by clicking here today, complete your details and we will be in touch.