Friday, 27 March 2015

NRL selects CareMonkey for mobile injury reporting

Australia's NRL (National Rugby League) has selected CareMonkey to deliver mobile injury reporting for all Victorian junior clubs for the 2015 season. 

CareMonkey has worked closely with the NRL and FOX SPORTS PULSE to design and deliver a mobile injury reporting solution that enables sports trainers to add injury reports on smartphones and tablets while at the scene of an injury. The injury reports replace paper forms and include the ability to attach photographs.
CareMonkey Injury Reporting

CareMonkey injury data is instantly available to NRL administrators to view and report on, saving official's, volunteers and administrator time as well as providing a sport-wide online injury database.

"The National Rugby League Sports Trainer Scheme is committed to providing volunteer rugby league Sports Trainers with the most up-to-date information and practical solutions to caring for rugby league players at every level of the sport" says Geoff Todd, NRL Sports Trainer Education Coordinator. 

"CareMonkey is a cost-effective, practical solution to enable community based sporting clubs with ‘pre-participation’ medical information that will allow volunteer Sports Trainers and First Aid Officers the ability to prepare for a player’s known medical conditions prior to training or games".

"When we raised the subject of ‘injury reporting’, the CareMonkey team went straight to work and were able to customise our existing reporting system and integrate it into the players CareMonkey care profile, consequently building the player's history of injury and at the same time alerting parents and caregivers with specific information to assist with the player's care." 

Geoff Todd 
NRL Sports Trainer Education Coordinator
CareMonkey is excited to support the NRL as it implements the system as part of their commitment to adequately prepare its staff and deliver on its participant duty of care. 

The CareMonkey injury reporting solution is demonstrated in the video above. For more more information please visit

Monday, 16 March 2015

Waterpolo Australia: roll out CareMonkey for elite teams

Waterpolo Australia looks after the development and education of water polo players, officials, coaches and volunteers throughout Australia across all levels of participation.

Chris Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Waterpolo Australia commented on the recent implementation of CareMonkey for their elite teams. 

Chris Harrison, CEO

"CareMonkey is going to provide an easy to use database and communication tool that integrates perfectly with our existing national database.  It will assist our team managers in communicating and keeping confidential medical records on all portable devices with the added benefit of being able to use it and access data offline” 

The team at CareMonkey is thrilled to see Waterpolo Australia adopt the CareMonkey services and look forward to seeing them enjoy the value of the system.  

If you want to find out about CareMonkey for your club, school or business please contact us here today.  

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

"All parents do is click and sign their consent....managing excursions is now so easy"

David Young, Director of IT Services at Strathcona gave us his view of CareMonkey and how it is working at his school.  

Along with a core group of people on the School Executive, David Young has been instrumental in introducing CareMonkey to the Strathcona school community.

“When we first saw CareMonkey at EduTECH we were extremely impressed and started to investigate its application further for our school. Given how much time the school would spend chasing parents for medical and emergency information, photocopying, handing out and collating forms, it was an easy decision to make the switch. So, with the support of a new school Principal we started actively using it in 2015.”

Today, Strathcona has almost 100% of students with up-to-date Care Profiles, and actively uses the eForm capability with more than 50 excursions loaded onto the system.

Every day Mr Young hears from parents and staff how easy CareMonkey is to use and how much time it is saving. The ability for teachers to access children's profiles while off site is extremely valuable and much more reliable than the paper based systems.

“The eForm capability has made gathering information from parents and managing excursions so easy. All the parent has to do is click and sign their consent and the job's done!”

Getting behind the new system

“When we commit to something at Strathcona we get right behind it. So when all Year 8 students went on an excursion to Hanging Rock at the start of the year it was no surprise to everyone that we transitioned completely to CareMonkey. Whilst teaching staff were initially nervous about the change and whether it would work so simply, they got on board when they saw the benefits of being able to reference a child's emergency and medical information on a smartphone or tablet while off site, even without an internet connection.”

“We talk with our teaching staff daily and are learning how the system is working for us. I guess you could say we are early adopters, but we are seeing the benefits and know the entire school community, teachers and parents are thrilled we have made the change.”

Thanks David, you are a great supporter and advocate of our system and we appreciate your constructive feedback along the way.  

If you are interested in CareMonkey for your school, club or business please enquire here today