Friday, 27 March 2015

NRL selects CareMonkey for mobile injury reporting

Australia's NRL (National Rugby League) has selected CareMonkey to deliver mobile injury reporting for all Victorian junior clubs for the 2015 season. 

CareMonkey has worked closely with the NRL and FOX SPORTS PULSE to design and deliver a mobile injury reporting solution that enables sports trainers to add injury reports on smartphones and tablets while at the scene of an injury. The injury reports replace paper forms and include the ability to attach photographs.
CareMonkey Injury Reporting

CareMonkey injury data is instantly available to NRL administrators to view and report on, saving official's, volunteers and administrator time as well as providing a sport-wide online injury database.

"The National Rugby League Sports Trainer Scheme is committed to providing volunteer rugby league Sports Trainers with the most up-to-date information and practical solutions to caring for rugby league players at every level of the sport" says Geoff Todd, NRL Sports Trainer Education Coordinator. 

"CareMonkey is a cost-effective, practical solution to enable community based sporting clubs with ‘pre-participation’ medical information that will allow volunteer Sports Trainers and First Aid Officers the ability to prepare for a player’s known medical conditions prior to training or games".

"When we raised the subject of ‘injury reporting’, the CareMonkey team went straight to work and were able to customise our existing reporting system and integrate it into the players CareMonkey care profile, consequently building the player's history of injury and at the same time alerting parents and caregivers with specific information to assist with the player's care." 

Geoff Todd 
NRL Sports Trainer Education Coordinator
CareMonkey is excited to support the NRL as it implements the system as part of their commitment to adequately prepare its staff and deliver on its participant duty of care. 

The CareMonkey injury reporting solution is demonstrated in the video above. For more more information please visit


  1. I am amazed that Care monkey got that contract as they are fast and energetic and they know the pain of a player like an osteopath.

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