Monday, 16 March 2015

Waterpolo Australia: roll out CareMonkey for elite teams

Waterpolo Australia looks after the development and education of water polo players, officials, coaches and volunteers throughout Australia across all levels of participation.

Chris Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Waterpolo Australia commented on the recent implementation of CareMonkey for their elite teams. 

Chris Harrison, CEO

"CareMonkey is going to provide an easy to use database and communication tool that integrates perfectly with our existing national database.  It will assist our team managers in communicating and keeping confidential medical records on all portable devices with the added benefit of being able to use it and access data offline” 

The team at CareMonkey is thrilled to see Waterpolo Australia adopt the CareMonkey services and look forward to seeing them enjoy the value of the system.  

If you want to find out about CareMonkey for your club, school or business please contact us here today.  


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