Friday, 22 May 2015

CareMonkey to the rescue

Creek Street Christian College uses CareMonkey during emergencies and at events

We recently paid a visit to Creek Street Christian College, Bendigo, and were happy to learn that they are enjoying all the features of the CareMonkey system. Every child in the school has a care profile and teachers have adopted the CareMonkey system in full.

"All the teachers have CareMonkey and love how it works on their mobile phones. It's not only used for emergencies, but even for school events. If parents aren't there to collect the children on time we use CareMonkey to contact them," says the School Principal, Coral Maxwell.

Having up to date information accessible on staff's mobile phones has become very handy in several emergency situations, both for the school and first responders. Coral recalls: "In one incident we were unable to contact the parents and triage staff at the hospital were very impressed with the very useful information we were able to provide them."

Jenni Caldwell, School Administrator, says that she finally has peace of mind knowing that all the school's pupils' emergency contact details are up to date: "CareMonkey is the best thing! It used to worry me that we didn't have up to date medical and emergency information, but now CareMonkey puts the responsibility on the parents to update the information and automatically chases them up to do it."
Creek Street Christian College's Principal, Coral Maxwell and Jenni Caldwell, School Administrator


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