Thursday, 13 August 2015

Beyond the classroom, CareMonkey takes care of excursions

It’s been a year since Esperance Anglican Community School (EACS) adopted CareMonkey, and it’s great to hear from Michelle Fissioli, School Administrator, that “it’s definitely worth having!”

EACS is utilising all of the great features offered by CareMonkey: Emergency and medical care profiles, eForms, as well as email and SMS messaging to groups - the latter which has been one of the reasons the school was especially grateful that they have switched to using CareMonkey. “When an event has been changed a text message to parents was sent to clarify this,” states Michelle.

The WA school has a strong focus on enhancing their students’ learning “beyond the classroom.” The Outdoor Education and Excursion Program is one of the great programs offered at EACS, and it is good to know that CareMonkey accompanies the students and teachers as they partake in exciting camp experiences. The teachers who take kids on camps are some of their main users, but since CareMonkey's eForms can be used for any event, it is part of the school's strategy that all teachers will be using CareMonkey at some stage in the near future.

Reducing paperwork has been one of the greatest benefits from adopting CareMonkey. They are now “able to easily communicate to parents about upcoming events and camps.” According to Michelle, CareMonkey is “a great program for communication, as paper based notes doesn’t always make their way home to parents.”


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